Groundwater Association of KwaZulu-Natal

Why become a member?

Becoming a member of the Groundwater Association of KwaZulu-Natal, will give you access to the following:

Quarterly meetings for the members, where the following can take place.

– Issues within the industry can be tabled, discussed and addressed.
– Open forums can take place, addressing improper business practice within the organization.
– Committee selection and nominations take place annually.
– Its a chance for “Like Minded” business people to intermingle, sharing experiences and advise, whilst enjoying a drink or snack at the selected venue.

Being a paid up member entitles one to vote commitee members into place at the annual AGM. This gives one the power to make a difference in the industry. (Terms and Conditions of membership apply)

With the gradual recognition of the Association as an influential power within the province, a larger number of government institutions are adopting the practice of insisting on prior membership when tendering on industry related work.

The annual “End of Year” function is always well recieved, and is an event not to be missed.