About Us

Groundwater Association of KwaZulu-Natal

The GAKZN is an NPO which strives to serve the interests of all members of the groundwater industry in KwaZulu-Natal

The GAKZN is a NPO which strives to serve the interests of all members of the groundwater industry in KwaZulu-Natal and will act as a conduit for transfer and dissemination of scientific and technical data and groundwater information between the Industry Members, the Regulating Authorities, Water Service Authorities, Water Service Suppliers, Consultants and the General Public.

Why we are here

The Groundwater Association of KwaZulu-Natal is here to preserve the groundwater infrastructure throughout the province, and in so doing, serve the interests of people who are affected by this.

The Association was founded by like minded members, who saw a need for a forum, where industry related issues and topics could be discussed by the leading authorities whilst allowing open interaction with anyone who attended.

These forums have developed into quarterly meetings where members of the Association are invited to attend a meeting hosted either by the comittee or members at various venues, followed by an informal gathering with snacks and refreshments available for “Industry Mingle”. It is through this interaction and common interest that the Association wishes to create industry standards. These standards will embrace the preservation of the groundwater resource, whilst ensuring that long term accessibility and safe practices will be made public knowledge.

A brief history

The GAKZN was started as an organisation in 1995 / 1996 and was an association representing its members to promote groundwater and to share information among the members.

The key players involved in the formation of the GAKZN included Theo van Niekerk, who was the first GAKZN Chairman, and other respected individuals within the groundwater community, such as Muller Retief, Dr Rodney Maud, Bradley van Blomenstein, Selwyn Govender, Charles Goodspeed, Richard Duckworth, Bevan Winn, Craig Jones, Rob Bell, Mario Toniolo and Ian Jackman, just to name a few.

The inaugural GAKZN meeting was held on the 29th of February 1996 and was attended by 51 members.

The members were classed according to their involvement in the groundwater industry and initially comprised the following divisions:

Consultants Division
Drillers Division
Pump-testers and Installers Division
Suppliers Division

An Environmental Division was introduced in 2001, whilst the Co-opted Institutional Division was introduced in 2004.

In an effort to promote groundwater and the sharing of information between those involved in the groundwater community in KwaZulu-Natal, the meetings often included presentations, workshops, demonstrations and general discussions, with the aim of setting standards for the groundwater industry in KwaZulu-Natal.

Unfortunately the GAKZN lost its founding Chairman in 2007, when Mr Theo van Niekerk passed away, however the GAKZN has continued to gain strength in the capable hands of its dedicated EXCO and members.